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Automated bots operated by malicious actors are costing businesses an average of 3.6 percent of their annual revenue. For the 25 percent worst affected businesses, this equates to at least $250 million every year. Even more concerning is the time it takes to discover these attacks. On average, more than 14 weeks pass before a successful attack is detected. [More...]

Organizations are taking advantage of online learning platforms to provide fast and cost-effective knowledge transfer, to and from anywhere in the world. We spoke with several experts in the field of learning management systems to get a sense for what's happening with e-learning in the business sphere, and where it'll be trending from here. [More...]

The latest release of POP!_OS Linux clearly shows that the in-house tweaking of the GNOME desktop to the COSMIC GNOME-based desktop is even more inviting. Developer System76 has made some bold moves to push this distro to the forefront and spark its popularity among newcomers to Linux -- as well as with seasoned users. Given this distro's rising popularity, it will continue to hold that distinction. [More...]

Leaf Home Solutions built its call center operation to drive potential customers to a cheerful encounter with all the departments to which they connect. That pleasant working relationship starts with Leaf's call center staff. We spoke with the company's chief human resources officer, Sean Loboda, to discuss the benefits of creating a positive call center environment. [More...]

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